woensdag 13 februari 2008


Pages - a new generation of photobooks from the Netherlands

13-02-2008 - 08-03-2008
Dorottya Gallery, Lumen Gallery

Finissage: 8 March, 6 p.m. Dorottya Gallery, 8 p.m. Lumen Gallery

In recent years, the book as such has come to be presented as a work of art in various international exhibitions and reference works. In other words, the book is no longer just a supplement or an illustrative catalogue of the exhibition, but a form of expression and presentation of photography. The books published so far on this subject, ones that catalogue, map and place the photographic book as a medium into a historical context, endeavour to make us aware of the book’s presence and role.

The goal of the PAGES exhibition is to provide a unique picture of the wide range of Dutch photo books and journals published in the past five years, and to give an idea of the relationship of young Dutch photographers to the book as a medium.

The selection ranges from personal photographic stories to documentation projects, conceptual experiments and interactive works. Similarly to the photograph, the book is no less a diverse, autonomous and personal manifestation of the photographic artist, in the specific form of printed publication. These uniquely designed, photographic-quality books are published at the artist’s initiative. In addition to these publications, the exhibition introduces photo journals which serve as important platforms of contemporary Dutch photography.

The PAGES exhibition in Budapest has been assembled at the initiative of Claudia Küssel (Nederlands Fotomuseum) and Gergely László (Lumen Gallery), with the contribution of Fw: (platform for young Dutch photographers), in collaboration with Impex, the contemporary art provider.

“Fw:” is the abbreviation of forward. The group organises exhibitions, lectures and presentations. It is also responsible for publishing the Fw: Journal. Its members are: Karin Krijgsman, Dieuwertje Komen, Petra Stavst and Hans Gremmen.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the latest issue of the journal will be published in Budapest.