woensdag 16 juli 2008


I once met Mr. Hessels on the streets in Amsterdam. He has some real nice vintage suits that he's very proud of.

donderdag 10 juli 2008


July 5th, 2008.
Limited Edition 8/20


Design; Roger Willems & Johan Thermaenius, hard cover, 264 pages, 17 x 24 cm, tritone, ISBN/EAN 978-90-8690-122-7, retail price: € 29,95
This is one of the photographs made for 'The Limited Edition'. Also possible with your portrait, 16 x 20 cm, signed and numbered, retail price: € 300,-

maandag 7 juli 2008


Friday, 13th June, 2008.
Malick Sidibé has built a temporary studio in Foam. On the first roll we tested the camera and the light. He shot a picture of me (bottom, left) with Barak, who actually built the studio, and I shot a picture of him (top, right) with his nephew.

vrijdag 4 juli 2008


Toekenning 038: Publicaties
Periode: 18 juni t/m 10 augustus 2008
Locatie: Fonds BKVB, Brouwersgracht 276, Amsterdam
Open: Maandag t/m vrijdag, 10.00 t/m 17.00 uur

In het centrum van Amsterdam Wereldboekenstad toont het Fonds BKVB de publicaties die in de afgelopen jaren met een publicatiesubsidie zijn gerealiseerd. 'Family Tree' is onderdeel van deze tentoonstelling.

donderdag 3 juli 2008


There were some hits from Korea on my website about 'Family Tree'. I traced it back to: Yongseok JANG, Graphic Designer, 1980 Born in Suwon, Korea, currently based in Seoul, Korea with the blog: http://yseok.egloos.com/
and the website: http://www.jangyongseok.com/
This is what he wrote about the project 'Family Tree':

Family Tree

사이트를 둘러보고 있으니
내 주변의 사람들 얼굴이 쭉 생각나다
멈췄다가 기억해내고 또 쭉 생각나다가를

28년간 살면서 만난 사람들
그중 의미있는 이들의 맵은 어느 정도로 그려질까...

웹사이트도 잘 만들었네!


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woensdag 2 juli 2008


Portret: Géraldine Jeanjean, Rotterdam, 27 juni 2008.

Website: http://www.geraldinejeanjean.com/
Gezien in: Fotomuseum Den Haag, Stadhouderslaan 43, 2517 HV Den Haag op zondag 29 juni 2oo8.

Internationale groepstentoonstelling 'Empty Paradise'
28 juni 2008 t/m 21 september 2008

NL Géraldine Jeanjean (1978) is in Nederland geboren maar heeft Franse ouders. Haar oma woonde in Frankrijks meest dunbevolkte streek, in het dorp Aumont. Jeanjean maakte in een periode van vier jaar een reeks beelden, landschappen en portretten in dit dorp, waarbij stilte en verlatenheid kernwoorden zijn. Tijdens de tentoonstelling verschijnt een boek van dit project.

EN Géraldine Jeanjean (b. 1978) was born in the Netherlands but has French parents. Her grandmother lived in the most sparsely populated part of France, in a village called Aumont. Over a period of four
years, Jeanjean took a series of photographs of the village and its inhabitants, focusing mainly on the deadness and desolation of the place. A book about this project is due to appear during the period of the exhibition.