vrijdag 1 juni 2007


Title: Facing Difference: A Comparative Visual Study of the Face-motif in Art Photography and Historical Studies of Physiognomy
Author: Backx, Quirijn
Year: 2007
Document type: Master thesis
Full text: WSCP Thesis final Quirijn.pdf
Abstract: This study is an investigation of how the history of science and its imaginary can be traced in contemporary art. This study traces the discourse of physiognomy, the study of facial features, and outlines how these photographic studies of physiognomy are embedded in contemporary modern art. Three photographic art exhibitions, "Family Tree" by Ringel Goslinga, "People of the 20th Century" by August Sander and "Flora of Europe" by Pinar Yolacan, are the study material for this thesis.
Keywords: physiognomy, art photography