woensdag 17 november 2010


Lumen Gallery and Cafe (almost 3 years old) has released its third book in february of this year. This book, that I just received by mail, is a catalogue of the exhibitions and a recipe book at once.

The Lumen Gallery and Cafe is a cafe-place within a gallery and vice versa. Lumen exhibit conceptual, critical and experimental photographic works of young artists and they serve fresh food, cafe and cakes.

Exhibitions in the book:

Esterházy Marcell, PAGES - Ringel Goslinga, Surányi Miklós, K+F 1. / R+D 1. - Koronczi Endre & Puklus Péter, K+F 2. / R+D 2. - Bálint Mónika & Soós Katalin, Fekete András, Flanek Péter, Kudász Gábor Arion, Erdei Krisztina, POC - Yann Gross & Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Joan Villaplana, Utsu Yumiko, Kitamura Mika &Watanabe Yuki, Ember Sára, Bartha Máté, Babette Klejn & Jan Adriaans, Németh Dániel, Shandor Hassan, Sipos Dániel, Harry Sachs & Susanne Schröder, Fekete Zsolt, Ph-budapest - Marina Gadonneix & Shigeru Takato.